The world is big, full of wonders. Many beautiful natural landscapes actually hide various geological laws. Today we will introduce to you several strange geological wonders in the world.

Giant's Causeway

The Giant's Causeway is a natural wonder of the world formed by the gathering of tens of thousands of basalt pillars of uneven size.

According to relevant research, this place is formed by the continuous eruption of active volcanoes. The Giant's Causeway has the characteristics of majestic momentum, showing a landform of stone pillar forest with uneven heights.

Wave Rock

This natural rock formation, about 15 meters high and 110 meters long, is a granite rock named after its high waves.

Under the reflection of the sun, Wave Rock will also show gorgeous reddish-brown, yellow, black, and other stripes. This has also become a location for many photographers to take pictures.

Giant Crystal Cave

This cave, which holds the largest natural crystal on Earth, is one of the strangest sights on Earth. The giant gypsum crystals in the cave have been growing at an extremely slow rate for hundreds of thousands of years.

During the cooling process of high-temperature water containing mineral components, crystallization occurs due to the saturation of gypsum.

Huge crystals are located in the cave, making people feel like they are in a sci-fi movie. Every visitor will be shocked by the powerful creativity of the earth.

Ayers Rock, Australia

Ayers Rock is also known as Uluru. Ayers Rock is 348 meters high and 3000 meters long. Its circumference is about 9.4 kilometers, high in the east and low in the west, and is the largest monolithic rock in the world. It is majestic, like a natural monument beyond time and space.

Underwater Waterfall

The underwater waterfall is near the island of Mauritius, hidden deep below the sea level. Its huge drop can reach 3,500 meters, four times higher than Angel Falls, the world's largest waterfall, and it is a real underwater wonder.

When tourists sit in a helicopter and look down from the top, they can find a silver-white waterfall flowing directly to the bottom of the sea under the flat sea. It looks like a 3D animation made by God, and the scene is very spectacular.

Basalt Cave

A basalt cave is a type of cave formed by volcanic activity. Basalt is a black or dark green volcanic rock that is so hard that basalt caves are difficult to erode.

The interior of basalt caves often presents a variety of strangely shaped stone pillars, stalagmites, stalactites, and other underground cave landscapes, which have very high scientific and ornamental value.

Crater Lake

A crater lake is a lake formed by a volcanic eruption when the groundwater inside the crater was flooded by the eruption. Due to the peculiar shape of the crater, the shape and size of the crater lake are also varied. Some lakes present blue, green, red and other colors of lake water, which is very beautiful.