Go is known as the most complex game in the world.

Becoming a top player often requires great talent and years of tireless effort.

But the advent of AI has overturned many traditional ways of playing and opened the door to the world of Go.

The impact of AI on us is already growing.

Another problem we find is that these Go players are perhaps the first human beings whose lives and careers have been seriously affected.

How did they face the emergence of AI when it appeared? What kind of mentality do they have?

Hideyuki Fujisawa, a deceased and very famous Japanese Go saint, once said, "There are only 7 of the 100 ways of Go.

Nowadays, people generally think that AI Go should already be a Go God, but many players don't think that AI has exhausted the reasoning of Go.

We think we know the world very well, but in fact, maybe humans know less than even 7% of the world.

The smartest people in the world, think they know only 7% of Go, let alone us ordinary people.

So far, the joy of Go players will be even greater than the sadness when AI appears.

When the world's number one Go player plays against AI and eventually loses the game. One can imagine his sense of loss.

But for every player, learning the AI's game is a shortcut to improving the game.

The current world No. 1 player in Go, Park Ting-hwan of South Korea, has said that he basically doesn't read human games anymore, but mainly learns from AI.

The young player Ke Jie also said that the emergence of AI has made the layout of Go easier, and the competition in the midgame and official stages is more intense.

So, learning from AI has really brought the players closer to each other.

Before the game starts, we are sure no one can think they have a sure win.

This also makes the game of Go more confusing and fascinating.

Another very important point is that the game Go is now getting more attention.

Before the Go man-machine battle, many people feared that the game of Go would disappear and would spell doom for the entire program.

This is because many people might have thought that Go, which is said to be the top of chess intelligence, was no better than that, and thus its appeal would be greatly reduced.

But in reality, the opposite is true.

Many people who usually do not care about Go or do not even know the rules of Go have started to understand and care about the sport because of the human-computer games.

For example, during the man-machine match between Lee Sedol and Alpha Go.

Reports about the match filled the pages of various domestic media.

Even in Europe and the United States, where the popularity of Go is very low, the BBC, Reuters, and the Associated Press reported the match in detail, which was almost impossible in the past.

The Go community recognizes that Alpha Go has far surpassed human players in the field of Go, and is a new level that is difficult for humans to reach and can no longer be beaten by humans.

It can bring more imagination to Go, it shows players that they can be bold and innovative, and open their minds to play every game freely.

This is a major boost to Go itself, and a boon to the transformation of the Go industry, allowing Go and its players to gain more attention.