Dressing in autumn and winter requires more thought. The reason is that when it comes to clothes inside, it depends on whether the clothes inside are eye-catching enough.

Sweaters are the first choice for most women. The soft and thick sweater is versatile and does not choose the figure. It is precisely because it is versatile that it is difficult to wear in a new and fashionable way. We suggest that you can learn how Japanese girls dress.

1. Sweater with colorful skirt: elegant and beautiful

Many people have autumn and winter sweaters. Everyone wants to wear fashionable and good-looking clothes. It will be more eye-catching to give up matching trousers and change to skirts.

Most of the clothes in autumn and winter are dull in color, so it is recommended that you choose colorful skirts to match sweaters, which will make you stand out from the crowd of dark colors.

Japanese girls are very good at matching sweaters with skirts. They choose single products with solid colors and simple styles and use colors to highlight new ideas.

The burgundy sweater is retro and artistic, the camel sweater is warm and comfortable, and it looks elegant when paired with a loose skirt.

Many girls dare not try pink lightly when they reach middle age, worrying that they are not suitable for their age. But we can learn how Japanese girls wear, choose a pink skirt, which can lighten up your outfit very well, and you don't need to worry about that.

In autumn and winter, when choosing a skirt, try to wear a mid-length wide version, which will make you look thinner and keep warmer. The light khaki color gives people a gentle and intellectual temperament. A pink skirt incorporates sweetness and delicateness, which will make you look younger.

2. Sweater and shirt: young and vital

When the weather gets cold, thin shirts are put away by everyone for spring. In fact, shirts have a high usage rate in autumn and winter.

But in autumn and winter, shirts appear more as a supporting role, but they are an indispensable supporting role.

Especially when matching with a sweater, you can choose to wear a shirt inside, and the exposed shirt collar looks very good when layered.

Wearing a dark green sweater alone has a more stable style, and wearing a white shirt inside has an obvious brightening effect.

The hem of the shirt can be loosened at will, and the bottom is matched with a plaid skirt with wrapping hips, with a touch of casual laziness in the intellectual.

A sweater looks just as good as a shirt and pants. A bean paste-colored sweater with a white striped shirt inside, the color transition is harmonious, and the bottoms are matched with flared trousers, which further highlights the mature charm of women.

3. Sweater with jewelry: light up the details

Most girls prefer to wear solid-color sweaters. In addition to paying attention to matching, they can also use jewelry to embellish. Japanese girls cleverly use jewelry to break the monotony of autumn and winter.

When choosing jewelry, we should also pay attention to the harmony of the overall style. For example, if you choose a light-colored item, you can try to match it with pearls or silver ornaments. Pearls will show the gentleness and nobility of women, and the metallic silver highlights a sense of willfulness and competence in the softness.

When matching a turtleneck sweater, you can choose to use a large necklace for decoration. Don't underestimate the fashion sense of jewelry. Sometimes a basic item only needs a necklace decoration to get rid of mediocrity.

The sweater with a high appearance rate in autumn and winter is more like a symbol of warmth. In cold weather, we need to keep warm and look good, which is difficult to do with sweaters alone, and we also need to choose a suitable bottom to match.

Japanese women's skills in matching sweaters are very suitable for reference. Take out the spring and summer shirt at the bottom of the box and use it as a base for the inner layer to create a layered outfit. Use a skirt with a sweater to look thin and elegant. Don’t forget to add a piece of jewelry as an embellishment to reflect the sense of sophistication.