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The emergence of the infinity pool has changed the application mode and concept of traditional swimming pools, which is no longer just a carrier of swimming pools for people but also creates an atmosphere of leisure and peaceful enjoyment.

The infinity pool adopts the visual effect of no border to achieve the integration of the pool and the scenery to achieve a unique visual effect.

Simply put, a special design is made at the edge of the pool, making the pool look as if there is no edge or wall, giving a feeling of infinite space.

Through a special hydraulic propulsion device, a directional water flow is formed, and swimmers can swim against the current to achieve the purpose of swimming, similar to a treadmill.

Because the water flow is propelled, swimmers cannot swim to the edge of the pool.

1. Principle

Make the static pool water in a limited space with laminar flow directional flow, so that swimmers swim against the laminar flow, the principle is similar to the treadmill.

Infinity pool water flow system consists of a laminar flow propulsion device and a circulation system, laminar flow propulsion device produces about 17 cubic meters of water per minute.

The bottom of the infinity pool is installed with a strong outlet and an oversized return port to ensure the normal flow of water in the pool and smooth and strong flow of water in the pool, without worrying about encountering whirlpools and huge waves.

The key to infinity pool design is to lower the height of the pool edge on one or more sides so that the water flows out along the pool wall. To create an infinity pool.

The first step is to get the pool edge design right.

The edge of a true infinity pool is sloped so that only then can the pool edge be truly hidden for a true borderless effect.

This approach requires a designer with a high level of artistic perception and careful consideration in combination with the surrounding environment to create the perfect infinity pool effect.

Infinity pool with overflow circulating water treatment, filtration method is specified as follows: pool water from the overflow ditch back into the machine room, filtered and disinfected by the machine room, from the bottom of the pool into the water, after the filtration system to treat the pool water quality, will meet and exceed the pool water quality standards to ensure the use of water quality effect.

If you are considering going on a vacation, consider finding a hotel with an infinity pool to enjoy.