Tea bags are loved by many people for their portability and ease of brewing, especially for tea drinkers on the go.

So, can tea bags be soaked in water all the time?

Tea bags should not be soaked in water all the time, not only does it affect the taste, it also leads to oxidation of the tea leaves and breeding of bacteria.

The tea is too strong for the first sip after steeping for too long, instead of having a sweet effect, and you will be thirsty after drinking it.

Therefore, it is important that the tea bags are not left to steep all the time.

If the tea bags are taken out and not kept steeped, they can be brewed again and again for about 2-3 times.

Therefore, it is important not to keep the tea bags steeped all the time, but to brew them two to three times, as they not only affect the taste.

But also cause the tea leaves to oxidise and turn yellow, thus breeding bacteria.

1. Before brewing the tea bags, you must first use hot water to warm the tea cups.

A cold cup will not bring out the original flavour of the tea.

2. Before brewing the tea bags, you must pour in the hot water first and then gently slide the tea bags from the rim of the cup into the cup.

If you put the tea bag in first and then pour in the hot water, the tea bag will swell and pay for the surface of the water and will not steep evenly.

3. Cover the cup with a lid immediately after brewing to prevent the aroma from escaping.

It is best to keep the tea to 40 seconds to one minute, as this is the key to making a strong and tasty tea bag.

Gently stir the tea bag 2-3 times before removing it.

4. Generally speaking, a tea bag should be steeped in 200-250ml of water, which is appropriate.

Tea has the ability to prevent the rise of steroids in the body, has the effect of preventing myocardial infarction, tea polyphenols can also remove excess free radicals in the body, inhibit and kill pathogenic bacteria.

In addition, tea also has a refreshing, eliminate fatigue, antibacterial effect.

Drinking tea can protect the blood building function of people.

Tea contains anti-radiation substances.

Drinking tea while watching TV can reduce the harm of TV radiation and protect your eyesight.

However, for people who are sensitive to caffeine, drinking strong tea may affect sleep, so it is more appropriate to drink tea in the morning and in the morning.

If you drink tea after 5pm, it may cause insomnia at night, and reducing sleep does not improve weight loss, as lack of sleep not only reduces resistance.

But also raises blood sugar and raises levels of appetite-promoting hormones, so it is something that is more than worth the loss.