Imagine yourself or a family member coming home from a long day of work, dragging yourself to the door, tired as a dog. The smell of your home is all around you.

There's a little stool right at the door for your bag, a hook for your keys. You can hang your coat in your hand and your slippers are right next to it.

Throw yourself on the soft sofa, the clean bed, and the good food. There is nothing like home is thought in a luxury hotel, a comfortable hotel makes us feel professional, comfortable home is full of love. We make a house, by doing chores, a place that best suits our temperament, and our preferences.

Keeping our wardrobes clean and tidy in order is the key to making the whole room clean and tidy. We should make the most of our wardrobe space and organize our clothes according to the seasons. If the closet is large enough, it can also be used to store shoes or other accessories.

Here's how to organize your wardrobe: once you've sorted your clothes into 'keep', 'store', and 'give away' categories, it's time to take a closer look at them. If the clothes have not been worn for more than a year, they should be discarded. The only exception to this is suits, which are rarely worn but still need to be kept. We should organize our clothes according to the seasons.

We should talk about clothes in different spaces according to spring, summer, autumn, and winter, and store the clothes that change the season, in the depths of the wardrobe. Clothes should be hung as often as possible and should not be squeezed too tightly between them.

We can also group clothes according to their type. For example, in summer we can hang tank tops, T-shirts, and dresses separately. Once the clothes are hung, there should still be a few centimeters of space underneath them, which can be used for thin storage boxes or shoe boxes. If your wardrobe has flat doors rather than sliding doors, then the space at the door can also be used to its full potential.

We can buy shoe racks that hang behind the door or hang mesh hanging pockets to store accessories. Of course, the back of the room door can also be used. If the room or cloakroom has a dressing cabinet, this can also be used for storage.

How often do we clean the house? A random survey shows that less than half of people clean their homes regularly, which means that some people don't remember to take the initiative to clean their homes for no particular reason, and they trust their eyes when it comes to the visual appearance of the house.

But a home environment with pleasant temperatures is very suitable for the breeding of bacteria and microorganisms and even insects. Some of the main objects need to be cleaned regularly, and cleaning the room is actually a way of living a healthy lifestyle.

Nowadays many people will neglect to clean their household appliances, and from the above, we can also see that the harm caused by not cleaning appliances is enormous, so we have also been reminded many times that appliances must be cleaned regularly. Because only this is why we have repeatedly reminded everyone that appliances must be cleaned regularly, because only by doing so can these hazards be minimized and the safety and health of ourselves and our families be protected, as well as the normal operation of the machine.