Cats have a very close relationship with their owners, but some cats treat their owners as their mothers, while others treat their owners as their children. How do you know if a cat treats you as a parent or a child? After reading this article, you can tell the difference.

Here are 6 behaviors that mean your cat treats you as a mother:

1. Your cat actively lies on your lap and purrs.

When the kitten is with the mother, it likes to climb up and down on the mother cat, so as to attract the attention of the mother cat. If your cat does this frequently, or even purrs as soon as it lays on your lap, it is treating you as a mother cat. If you pet it at this time, it will be very happy.

2. Your cat loves to rub your arms and face, especially when lying on your lap.

Usually, when cats rub against a person or object, they will leave their own scent to express their liking and possession of this person/object. When getting along with the cat mother, the kitten will tell the cat mother that she exists by rubbing against the mother cat.

3. Your cat likes to sleep next to you under the same quilt.

Every cat has different sleeping habits. If your cat likes to sleep against your body every day and is willing to sleep in the same bed with you, it is very likely that they think of you as their mother.

4. Your cat answers almost every call from you.

Cats are not as obedient as dogs. And once your cat responds to your calls and is always on call, it basically treats you as a mother, and it is obediently listening to the parents.

5. Cats love to talk to you and meow

Anyone who owns a cat knows that cats will meow when they have needs for you, such as: it’s time to eat, there’s no water, and so on. The kitten will not only make various requests to the cat mother by meowing, but also communicate with the cat mother frequently.

6. Kneading on you

This is an action that kittens often do when their mothers are breastfeeding. If one day you find that your cats are often kneading on you, congratulations, you have successfully promoted to mother cat!

Here are 5 behaviors that mean your cat treats you like a child/follower

1.When you call your cat, you get a flicked tail

Dogs flick their tails because they are happy, while cats flick their tails often because of impatience. So, when you only get a cold shoulder when you call your cat, it’s because it’s treating you as its own child or a sidekick, mean “What now?”

2. Don't like being held, or don't enjoy being held

Some cats enjoy being held, some struggle to run, and some purr when held. Through this behavior, it can be clearly seen your cat’s attitude towards you.

3. Catch all kinds of small animals and bring them to you

Once the cat thinks you are their child or sidekick, it thinks it is necessary to take care of you. So, when your cat brings the caught animals, such as: mice, rabbits, insects, etc. to you, don't panic! This is a gift from your big boss! Although you may panic and be afraid when you see these sudden "gifts", from another perspective, this is a sign that it cares about you!

4. Grooming you

In the cat world, they only groom their own children or their sidekick. If your cat often grooms you, it means that you have been deeply trusted by your cat and become one of its best friends.

5. Follows you everywhere, especially "dangerous places"

Your cat follows you everywhere because it is afraid that you will be in danger. "Dangerous places" like bathrooms and toilets, how can your cat let you go alone? They must do security work for you! With such thoughtful and warm-hearted protection, does it really matter if you are only the sidekick? Your cat does it out of love!