Maybe you sometimes hear some girls around you talking about Pilates, saying that they are practicing Pilates and have lost a lot of weight. This article is a brief introduction to Pilates.

There are actually millions of people practicing Pilates in the United States, but perhaps many people still think Pilates is mysterious but not well understood. Pilates was invented by German rehabilitation expert Josef Pilates more than 100 years ago. It was originally designed for people who were unable to get up and exercise while lying in a hospital bed.

It is an exercise system that strengthens muscles, improves flexibility and coordination, improves posture, and promotes health.

Founder Joseph's explanation on practicing Pilates: "Achieve and maintain a sound mind and a well-balanced body, with enough ability to cope with life and various daily tasks in a natural and relaxed state anytime, anywhere."

Simply put, Pilates is a functional training system designed to give people better control over their bodies in life and work.

It’s just that at that time, people who could put forward such a concept were already living in the distant future, because this system far exceeded the sports concept recognized by ordinary people at the same time, and few people at that time fully solved the problem of food and clothing. , where can exercise, so Pilates has not been popular. Until recent studies have shown that healthy muscles are the core contraction of the body before the limbs, that is to say, the premise of doing any exercise must have a strong core muscle group, Pilates first became popular in the field of physical therapy and rehabilitation.

The biggest difference between yoga and Pilates is that yoga is more focused on spiritual elements. Yoga creates a meditative environment, improves flexibility, strengthens joints, and relieves stress, with the ultimate goal of balancing body and mind.

And Pilates starts from your Core Muscle to strengthen muscles and shape slender lines. If your goal is to lose belly, Pilates is definitely your good friend!

Pilates is a kind of aerobic exercise. Compared with yoga, Pilates has a larger range of motion and stronger exercise, so the weight loss effect is better. Pilates can improve people's metabolic capacity, make people consume more calories, and sculpt a perfect body curve.

Pilates practitioners can strengthen the strength of the muscles and ligaments around the spine by training the lower back muscles, which can protect the spine.

Pilates promotes emotional well-being, and its smoothing effect relieves tension, while stretching and strengthening muscles, it also promotes the functioning of the circulatory system and removes tension. Helps focus and eliminate stress.

Pilates allows the body to develop a core, which is the deep abdominal muscles along with the muscles closest to the spine, which stabilize the torso, pelvis, and shoulder girdle. Pilates enables exercisers to exercise their muscles in balance, so that muscles can develop flat and have perfect muscle lines.