Once you have a cat, it must be treated like a family member. Cats are our companions, our friends, always there for us. Come and learn about the little knowledge of cats.

Cat food.

Listed below are some foods that can be given to cats.

1. Chicken breast.

Chicken breasts are low in fat and rich in protein, making them less likely to cause obesity or high cholesterol. You can cook chicken breasts in plain water for cats to eat. 2-3 times a week is enough, otherwise too much can cause your cat to be picky eaters.

2. Fish.

We all know that cats like to eat fish, and fish is also very suitable for cats to eat, because fish is rich in protein, easy to digest, and rich in minerals.

But don't feed it too often as this will tire the cat.

3. Canned cat food.

For cats, canned cat food is also very good to eat, because canned cat food is made according to the nutritional needs of cats, and it is delicious. Many cats like to eat it.

4. Freeze-dried food.

No cat can resist the lure of freeze-drying. Every time the cat doesn't like to eat, prepare some, the cat will have an appetite immediately, and freeze-dried is very nutritious, so it is also suitable for cats to eat.

However, try to choose some high-quality freeze-dried meat to ensure the cat's health, such as "non-greasy freeze-dried chicken nuggets", and choose chicken breast to retain nutrients.

Not all food can be eaten by cats, especially some food eaten by humans, you must pay attention.

Daily cleaning of cats.

1. Ears.

Put an appropriate amount of ear wash into the cat's body and massage the ears with your fingers. Let go of the cat's head, let it shake out the earwash on its own, and use a clean cotton ball to wipe off any remaining earwax and cleaning solution on the cat's ear gallery.

2. Foot hair.

When trimming your toenails, don't forget your cat's foot hair.

3. The corners of the eyes.

Sometimes the cat has some inflammation, and there will be more eye mucus in the corner of the eye, which not only affects the cat's image, but also may cause the cat's tear marks.

4. Oral cleaning.

Regularly clean your cat's mouth and brush your cat's teeth regularly to prevent oral diseases such as bad breath and calculus.

5. Disinfection.

Regularly clean and disinfect cat supplies to create a good pet-raising environment.

Common sense about cats.

1. A cat's whiskers measure the size and distance of surrounding objects.

2. Cats can sense changes in the air through their whiskers to determine whether the surrounding environment is safe.

3. Cats eat mice because the taurine in mice can improve the night vision of cats.

4. A cat's body has 230 bones and no fixed collarbone. In general, the body can pass where the head can.

5. Cats smell the freshness of their food before eating.

More and more people keep cats, because everyone sees the cute and interesting side of cats.