Silky, supple, and lingering aftertaste, the sweetness or bitterness of chocolate is always intoxicating. Now, chocolate is increasingly loved by the masses, and its sales have skyrocketed on Valentine's Day, making it the first choice for boys to show love. So what brand of chocolate do you usually choose? Below is a list of the top 10 chocolate brands in the world.

1. Lindt – Switzerland

The first melt-in-your-mouth chocolate

Lindt Swiss is the world's largest manufacturer of high-end chocolate, and in 1845 invented the first chocolate that melts in your mouth and amazes the world. In addition, chocolates such as the lindor series it produces are creamy, delicate and melt-in-your-mouth. Because of its special mixing technology and excellent workmanship, it is very popular among everyone.

2. Guylian – Belgium

Started from beautiful love

Guy and Liliane Foubert got married more than 30 years ago. After marriage, due to their mutual love for chocolate, they used the shells received at the wedding as a model to make chocolate in the shape of ocean shells, and Guylian came into being. This famous Belgian chocolate brand is known as the "Supreme in the Chocolate Kingdom". It is the ancestor of the ocean shell chocolate, and it is also the chocolate brand awarded the gold medal by the Belgian royal family.

3. Ferrero Rocher – Italy

Innovative hazelnut chocolate brand

Ferrero Chocolate is a world-renowned chocolate brand. In 1946, the founder Ferrero used hazelnuts to replace the shortage of cocoa and invented a new dessert "Pasta Gianduja", which is the prototype of Ferrero. Ferrero Chocolate has created a multi-layered material. The brownie coat is crispy and delicious, and the chocolate heart is soft and creamy, sweet but not greasy, and melts in your mouth.

4. Godiva – Belgium

"Rolls Royce" in chocolate

Godiva Chocolate originated in Brussels, Belgium. It was founded by chocolatier Joseph Draps and named after the legendary and distinguished Mrs. Godiva. It has a history of more than 88 years. Since 1968, Godiva has become the chocolate brand used by the Belgian royal family and is known as the most expensive chocolate.

5. Hershey’s – USA

North American chocolate leader

The largest chocolate and chocolate confectionery manufacturer in North America, The Hershey Company is located in Pennsylvania and is a 111-year-old company. The founder, Mr. Hershey, has a unique vision to create a world-class chocolate factory on a less-populated ranch. Fresh milk from the ranch, carefully selected cocoa beans, and traditional classic craftsmanship make Hershey chocolate pure and smooth, with a strong taste.

6. Debauve Gallais – France

The choice of the French royal family

Deborah Gallais is the oldest and most famous royal chocolate brand in France. For two hundred years, Deborah Gallais has always insisted on hand-made chocolate to ensure the pure taste and unique aroma of chocolate. Among them, there are several chocolates that have the effect of strengthening the body. For example, the “healthy chocolate” that is advertised as having curative effects contains 99% pure dark chocolate, and a chocolate made from the bulbs of the Persian orchid has anti-spasmodic and stomach pain effects.

7. M&M's – US

Chocolate Beans That Bring Good Moods

Mr Forrest Mars met a group of Spaniards eating chocolate balls coated in hard icing to avoid melting. This inspired Mr. Mars to invent M&M's chocolate chips when he returned to his hometown. Now, M&M's chocolate beans are famous all over the world, because of their colorful colors, delicious taste and unique advertising image, they are warmly sought after by the public.

8. Droste – Belgium

Real pure chocolate

Dolly is Mr. Dolly's first candy shop that originated in 1863, and in the early years, Dolly built a great reputation for its excellent quality. Dolly is all about innovation in taste, and a reasonable price point and high-quality selection of premium ingredients are options that allow you to enjoy "affordable luxury".

9. Belgian – Belgium

The ultimate chocolate flavors

Belgium is indeed the kingdom of chocolate, and this is the fourth brand on the list. In 2011, Belgian became the first and only chocolatier among Belgian chocolatiers to be awarded the BRC star certification, which shows its superior quality. Today, more than 80 countries around the world have Belgian sales points. Creamy and mellow, pure, and silky taste, simple and delicate shell shape, the charm of Belgian comes from this.

10. Toffifee – Germany

German toffee temptation

Le Fei Fei Hazelnut Chocolate from Storck, the largest chocolate manufacturer in Germany, is the No. 1 brand of fresh chocolate in the world. Founded in 1973, Toffifee has made many changes in packaging, but has not continued to develop new products. The unique caramel toffee recipe has continued to this day. The product has a particularly wonderful taste and is well-liked by European consumers.