Dolphins live in the ocean, but compared to other animals, they're actually pretty smart! Dolphins are loved by people all over the world because they look so cute. Below are some facts about dolphins that will show their intelligence and beauty.

1. They set traps and plan ahead

Once upon a time, in Mississippi, dolphins were trained to collect trash and trade it for fish. It seems like an easy thing to do, right? Well, a dolphin named Kelly took this up a notch. She collected a few pieces of paper, tore them into small pieces, and traded the small pieces for fish so she could get more fish than the large pieces could. This is enough to prove that dolphins use their wits to get bigger rewards. Later, the dolphin caught a gull in her tank and was rewarded with a full box of fish. She left the fish in the open to attract more gulls, and even taught her offspring the "gull trap".

2. Their imitation skills are good

Dolphins are one of the few animal species on Earth that are good at mimicking, imitating human voices and behaviors. They are even able to simulate sounds that have never been seen in their own ecosystem! They can even imitate human movements, but they do so only for a reward. This proves that they can use their fins as human arms. The language ability of dolphins has always been one of the representative characteristics of dolphins' high IQ. It is now known that each dolphin has its own kind of whistle, like its own signature. When two dolphins meet, they also learn each other's whistles, much like humans exchanging business cards. Later, when they meet again, the whistle like this "language card" will be issued as a sign to confirm each other's identity.

3. They use sponges as masks

It may not sound logical, but dolphins wear sponges in the ocean to protect their faces. Not for sneak attacking other dolphins or mischief, but to protect their noses from undersea crabs and rocks.

4. They get high

No one is trying to claim that pleasure is an expression of superior intelligence. The fact that dolphins release tetrodotoxin to get high proves that they do it for fun, not purely instinct. This is a sign of intellectual evolution.

5. They have huge brains

Dolphins may not have as many neurons as humans, but their brains have heavier weights. This may not prove anything, but it does prove that while dolphin brains don't have some of the functions that humans have, like empathy, they have other functions that are completely different from ours, like echolocation.

6. They are self-aware

This is perhaps the biggest shock, especially when it comes to animals, dolphins are self-aware. This was tested by drawing a dot on their forehead and directing them to a mirror. The dolphins could immediately see that something was wrong with their normal appearance, proving that the dolphins knew what they looked like. This is quite unique in the animal kingdom.