Skiing is a competitive sport in which athletes place their skis on the soles of their boots to perform speed, jumping, and downhill movements on the snow. Snowboards are made from a mix of wood, metal, and plastic.

Skiing is a dynamic and exciting sport. Skiing is fun because it flies fast, like a bird in the sky.

What should pay attention to when skiing for the first time?

1. Beginners should first learn basic skiing skills, and ask an experienced ski instructor to give them systematic training.

2. When choosing a ski resort for beginners, the slope should not be too steep, about 6 degrees is the best, and the ski slope should be wide about 50 meters. For beginners, grooming and maintaining snow is important.

3. In terms of schedule, learn to ski for no less than 3 days. During this time, we mainly learned how to use alpine ski equipment.

4. Three basic downhill techniques, including straight downhill, inclined downhill, and plow downhill. Practice these techniques over and over again on the beginner piste and try to get the hang of it as you practice.

5. You can't just play long straight downhills to enjoy and stimulate. Although straight downhill is fun, no matter how long you play, the level will not improve too much.

6. Understand the general situation of the ski resort, especially the distribution location and warning signs of the ski resort facilities on the map, and abide by the ski resort safety management regulations.

Let's take a look at what equipment you need for skiing.

1. Ski suits.

Ski suits are generally divided into competitive suits and travel suits. Competitive clothing is designed according to the characteristics of the competition, focusing on the improvement of sports performance. Travel clothes are mainly warm, beautiful, comfortable, and practical. Ski suits are generally brightly colored, not only for aesthetics but also for safety.

If skiing in the mountains, especially on the steeper slopes, away from established ski slopes, it is easy to cave in or become disoriented, in which case brightly colored clothing provides good visibility for finding.

2. Ski goggles.

On sunny days, the snow on the pistes reflects the sun, making it feel like the light is strong, so you need to use ski goggles to block the light.

3. Snowboards.

Skiers should generally use shorter skis, which makes it easier to learn some ski movements. If the skis are too long, it can be difficult to improve a beginner's level of skiing, especially when learning to turn and slow down.

For general beginners, men use 170-180cm skis, and women use 160-170cm skis.

4. Snow poles.

It is used for support during takeoff and body balance during taxiing. The length of the general ski pole is 90-125cm.

5. Gloves.

Ski gloves should be made of impermeable fabrics with good heat retention, otherwise, the gloves will easily get wet when skiing.

If you like skiing, be sure to choose a ski resort that suits you.