The art of flower arrangement, often abbreviated as flower arrangement, refers to the use of cut branches, leaves, flowers and fruits as raw materials, through certain technical and artistic processing, recombination into a delicate, poetic and pictorial work.

A form of floral art that recreates the beauty of nature and life.

Choice of flowers.

It can be divided into fresh flower arrangement, dried flower arrangement and artificial flower arrangement.

1. Fresh flowers for flower arrangement.

Insert all or most of the flowers. Its main feature is the beauty of the most natural flowers, bright colors, overflowing floral fragrance, full of real vitality, strong artistic charm, and a wide range of applications.

The disadvantage is that it does not last for a long time, the cost is high, and it should not be placed in a dark place.

2. Dried flower arrangement.

Cuttings are made wholly or mainly of natural dried flowers or processed dried plant material. Not only does it not lose the natural beauty of the original plant, but it can also be dyed and combined at will, and can be placed for a long time after being inserted.

Dried flower works are very popular in some countries and regions in Europe and America. The disadvantage is that it is afraid of being exposed to strong light for a long time and is not resistant to humid environments.

3. Artificial flower arrangement.

The flowers used are all kinds of artificial imitation plant materials, such as silk flowers, polyester flowers, etc., there are simulation, and there are many kinds of random design and coloring.

Artificial flowers are colorful, rich in changes, easy to shape, easy to clean, and can be stored for a long time.

Notes on flower arrangements.

1. Choose flowers.

When choosing flowers, choose flowers according to your personality and hobbies. You can also use flowers to express your wishes and emotions, making people and flowers harmonious and natural.

2. Color matching method.

The dark-colored flowers should be inserted low, and the light-colored flowers should be inserted high, so that the flower pattern has a sense of stability.

3. Natural insertion method.

It is to highlight the natural posture of plants, pay attention to color coordination, and maintain a stable center of gravity.

The benefits of flower arrangements.

Arranging flowers is a great way of self-cultivation. When arranging flowers, it is important to be calm, focused, civilized and elegant. Talk to flowers with "heart".

Beautify the environment and add interest. Flower arrangements can beautify the home, office, hotel, banquet and other environments. A space with a floral arrangement can have a full effect.

Enhance friendships and improve interpersonal relationships. "Flowers" are messengers of peace, beauty and friendship. Giving a beautiful flower basket or bouquet can enhance friendship, deepen an emotional expression of respect, and more.

The secret of flower arrangement makes your life more interesting and elegant.